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Insurance for Individuals, Groups & Seniors

No matter where you are in your process, John Baskett Insurance Services can jump in, tackle your concerns, offer advice and find you the best available plan. After enrollment, we don’t disappear; when you have confusing claims or other insurance-related questions, we get the attention of carriers, get answers and get results.

Our goal is to take the pain out of the process and be your indispensable insurance resource.

John Baskett Insurance Services helps:

Individuals & families

  • Narrowing hundreds of choices
  • Navigating price vs. quality
  • Finding affordable coverage for those with preexisting conditions


  • Setting up guaranteed-issue plans
  • Guidance selecting employee benefits and coverage levels
  • Employee education on utilizing plan offerings


  • Offering all Medicare parts and supplements
  • Help and answers when you need it
  • Personal support navigating changes

We’re happy to answer your specific questions. Please call 510-523-0111 for a complimentary consultation.

The JBI difference:

  • A personal relationship: Talk to John anytime
  • Advice you can trust: Unbiased opinions on plans from all major carriers
  • A lifetime of commitment: More than 32 years of experience
  • Service beyond enrollment: Help anytime on any health insurance matter
  • No fees. Ever.