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How it Works

How would it feel to have your own personal expert on-staff whose only job it was to answer your health care questions?

Need group or individual insurance but are overwhelmed by choices or roadblocks?
…Your expert does all the legwork and finds you the best possible plan.

Get a bill in the mail when you thought your insurance covered it?
…Your expert straightens it out for you.

Confused by medical claim terminology or doublespeak?
…Your expert demystifies the lingo and protects your health needs.

That’s how it works.

A good health insurance broker is your advisor, protector and guide through the volatile world of health insurance. The experts at John Baskett Insurance Services have been helping individuals and small businesses find high-quality, affordable plans since 1978.

We speak the language of insurance

and understand how carriers work, so we can get results on behalf of clients where others hit walls. And using our services is entirely free; the carrier picks up the tab because it wants the business. But unlike health insurance “agents” affiliated with certain carriers, John Baskett Insurance Services is a totally independent health insurance broker offering only unbiased opinions on plans from all the major carriers.

When you need new coverage,

we streamline the process by doing all the research, ultimately presenting you with the best handful of plan options and a side-by-side comparison outlining the differences. Then together, you can pick the most affordable plan that has the coverage and quality you need.

Sound like a plan? Call JBI today at 510-523-0111 for a free consultation.